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Throughout my time in Los Angeles and outside of school in general I’ve noticed that there were somethings i wish i took more advantage of. What seems like only a year ago but was probably much longer i decided to try and learn a language. Even though i have a special place in my heart for Pollo Hombre, i always felt like spanish was pushed on me more then me wanting to learn it. I narrowed down the languages i wanted to learn to 3 and choose to attempt Japanese for several reasons but most importantly i knew one day i would want to visit it and also i had a friend who i could practice with.  Fastforward to year of the challenges. This week’s challenge was to do something in a foriegn language for an hour every day. That could be watching a movie in another language, listening to music in another language or what have you. The bonus challenge was to make that hour, or at least that hour learning a language.

The week:

I’m not sure if it’s surprising but there wasn’t much eventful this week. But some interesting developments did occur. I had a friend join me with my challenge. I’ve also had other friends wish to take up more challenges with me for certain weeks. I wasn’t originally planning on a group exercise but it makes it a little more enjoyable.

I managed to also finish the first level of Janapese which lead me to signing up for the next level. The new level is a new system and online which allows for interactions with other students around the world. There was one difficult aspect to this challenge. I had a good friend stay with me the weekend and we endedup staying up late on saturday. When i rolled around to loading up rosetta stone it was about 1am and i was exhausted. I managed to run activities in the program for an hour but i couldn’t help but feel that i wasn’t learning anything and that was greatly due to the fact that i was just trying to get through the hour. I realized this, acknowledge this, and pushed through. Probably not the best thing but i did get above 90% of the lesson correct and the next day i did redo some of the activities to make sure i knew it. It was good to push through and i think it would be good for me to make do rosetta stone each night for maybe 30 mins or so instead of 40. I also need to do more learning outside of it. Some strict memorizing to help me remember words and grammar patters. But all and all a good challenge to get me being productive and hopefull i will be able to keep it up.

While waiting in line at Fed Ex Office the other day i noticed a display titled “Banner Hanging Solutions.” I realized i had some posters at home I needed to hang up on the walls and wanted to see if they had something i could use. Granted i was really tired and out of it but STRING? It’s just string? Nothing to attach the string to, just a roll of string. I was kind of shocked, now i’m not entirely sure i should have been but I’m still a bit skeptical.

Hit the jump for a side view of the string.

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A co-worker and I have been trying to be more creative outside of work and our current ambition is to take one roll of film a week. I think we both are realizing how statisfing it is to take a bunch of photos but how hard it also is to keep up with the challenge (i suppose that might be why it’s called a challenge though). We are both using what seem to be, and i mean this with no offense, ancient camera and i am disappointed to say i have no idea what the setting really do and nothing is to clearly labeled. It makes me feel like i’ve been babied with my slim point and shoot digital camera i’ve been using for years.

These are some of my favorites so far. We haven’t decided weather to allow photoshopping into the competition right now so that makes me cringe a bit but it will probably help me learn more.

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the K/J challege

So Eric Decker and I’ve been throwing around the idea to make a new pollo hombre movie now that we’ve both graduated and actually know a bit more about film and compositing and effects. This is my official announcement that i intend to make one more epic pollo hombre film,, and if my random math is correct we are on number VII. I have no idea when or how it’s going to get filmed, but first things first, play with photoshop and start to make posters to let people know, people like YOU!!! This is actually a incredibly blurry photo, i have another i took, but it might be emo, which just makes it awesome because who doesn’t like spanish with tons of teenage angst?


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