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A co-worker and I have been trying to be more creative outside of work and our current ambition is to take one roll of film a week. I think we both are realizing how statisfing it is to take a bunch of photos but how hard it also is to keep up with the challenge (i suppose that might be why it’s called a challenge though). We are both using what seem to be, and i mean this with no offense, ancient camera and i am disappointed to say i have no idea what the setting really do and nothing is to clearly labeled. It makes me feel like i’ve been babied with my slim point and shoot digital camera i’ve been using for years.

These are some of my favorites so far. We haven’t decided weather to allow photoshopping into the competition right now so that makes me cringe a bit but it will probably help me learn more.

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the K/J challege

30 Seconds to Mars new album This is War (i think you are suppose to italicize titles) has around 2000 different covers. They had fans submit photos online and picked the best for their covers and then randomly released them across the world so it’s pretty much impossible to find a specific one. Searching for the best cover at best by I narrowed down the 6 or 7 covers down to two that i found worked the best. One was a cute girl and the other a guy that i felt fit the composition and seemed designed the best. I then realized that one of the two was a dollar more, it made my decision easier of which i wanted to get, but it did intrigue me which was the real price, the lower or higher. I flipped to the next cd and it was the lower price and i didn’t think much of it until i made a joke to my friend that the men are cheaper then the woman. Thinking i was being serious he checked out the other albums and actually discovered that in fact all the women albums were 1 dollar more expensive. Nice going best buy.

Hit the jump if you want to see a better photo of the album cover i bought.

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So a couple weeks back, kind of on a spur of the moment, but mostly been trying to get one for a while, i stopped by guitar center and picked up this sweet black les paul and of course had to get an amp, stand, and cable too. I’ve been playing it 4 times a week at least since, it’s pretty fun just to mess around, i’m getting better at chords but still need to tackle learning an entire song, usually i’ll learn part, my ADD kicks in and i move on to trying ot learn another song.  Maybe i’ll just combine them all into one epic easy to play song, oh and yeah, that’s my epic painting in the background.

Epic Guitar Photo

So my original goal was to make a sick Halloween costume, and yeah i didn’t make one, BUT a friend was up to the challenge and made me a costume of my favorite character of all time which for probably most of you out there is Squall from final fantasy 8 [that was one long sentence, sorry English teachers].

Sadly i didn’t have my replica of squall’s gunblade with me and my parents were too afraid i was going to get killed or arrested or what not if i had it out here, even though i had no intention of bringing it to a party.

Anyway, i consider this a huge success and will be wearing it again in July when i attend ComicCon with the rest of the DYG(Dashing Young Gentlemen).

Comparision squall costume

Apparently poking yourself in the eye over and over doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to actually put in contacts. I had my first training appointment on Saturday, and 0 contacts went into my eyes, or at least staid in my eyes. I have an amazing reflex to blink like crazy when something gets close to my eye and with all the solution i had on my hand and just general tearing up from holding my eye open my grip on my eyelashes couldn’t kept slipping. I went back today, actually managed to get it in for a split second only to have it fall right out because i didn’t realized it was in my eye and rubbed it out on accident. But i did managed to jab my eye several times only to have my eyelash deflect it away when only half was in. I got back again on Friday, let’s hope third time’s the charm.

Also on a side note, right after the appointment to get my contacts on saturday, i went and got a haircut and apparently if your barber doesn’t understand english you should be extremely specific on what you mean by hair over the ears because i thought it was clear i wanted it to hang over my ears and she thought it was cut over my ears. Needless to say it is now possibly the shortest it’s ever been.

One of the goals i’ve recently set this year is to draw more and get back into traditional arts and work my way up to painting on canvas. This mostly came about because i was too damn cheap to buy decorations for my apartment but wanted to put stuff on the wall and figured hey, i’ll just make something myself. This may be a terrible idea though but i’ll give it a shot. I figure i’ll start small and bought a sketch book, when i fill it up i’ll move onto the next media. Here’s my favorite sketch so far.


Back to basics

So having left my copy of rock band 2 at work i started singing I wanna rock which lead me on windy path to the twisted sister music video, and boy is it amazing. The best part is the very start of the song which doesn’t start until 1:22 but the wait is worth it.

So the last 3 days i’ve been trying to post things at night and for whatever reason my blog has been down so you’re entitled to a super post

Ok, first on the agenda, talk about ineternet, check! Next,  talk about one of my many side projects i’ve got going on. So I came up with the idea that it would be sweet to paint a skateboard and mount it on my wall as a form of art, then i realized maybe i should get better at painting first until i found this. So i downloaded the jpg and started sketching on top of it. Two of my friends from work are big into skateboarding and if i get this thing finished i’m going to get two printed and add wheels to one and hopefully learn a little about skating and a lot about falling down.


Nice, the screenshot preserved the drop shadow ( i searched google images for “worst drop shadow ever” and the second image was showing off different images with a pictures from behind a naked baby WTF? is that suppose to helps me understand drop shadows better?). Anyway, back on subject, the currently chinese text says horned devil from the river of death, which is the meaning of Stygimoloch, which is the dinosaur.

BTW, while searching for Stygimoloch, i found some sweet robot dinosaurs found at this guy’s blog. Yes, that is a triceratops with gatling guns on it.

That about wraps up things i was trying to do for the past, i’m going to make a new post for what i did last night but consider it apart of the super post because this isn’t that super.

There is something about this that i just don’t like .

Ok, so i only have 20 mins left until his birthday is over, but i decided to do a quick post then watch one of the Chan Man’s movies. I also found out he has an action figure and if all goes right with ebay this time i’ll get a Chan man figure and his CD and i’ll be … HIGH UP ON HIGH! You know what i’m talking about.



So, the list of sites i check everyday is pretty pathetic, it consists of geekelogie and failblog, and yes, i am embarassed to say so. But now i have one more, abduzeedo. I sumbled on this site while checking out a photo on fffffffffffffffffffffffound. But how i found it is less important then what i found, and if you haven’t clicked that first link already, then you are in for a treat. It’s pretty much a place where you can find new inspiration daily and incase you get really bored or have a really low attention span, you can spend hours looking through the 157 pages of inspiration they’ve already posted. So that was cool, but then, to my suprise, they have a sweet tutorials section with things you want to know how to do in photoshop. I plan on trying to learn as much as possible so i can apply it to work and hopefully learn a crap load because my photoshop knowledge isn’t well established.

Also, this is really tasty. It makes me wish i had soco to mix it with… and friends to keep me from drinking alone… just joking, this way no one will remind me the next day if pants make a vanishing act (has yet to happen).

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