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So, the list of sites i check everyday is pretty pathetic, it consists of geekelogie and failblog, and yes, i am embarassed to say so. But now i have one more, abduzeedo. I sumbled on this site while checking out a photo on fffffffffffffffffffffffound. But how i found it is less important then what i found, and if you haven’t clicked that first link already, then you are in for a treat. It’s pretty much a place where you can find new inspiration daily and incase you get really bored or have a really low attention span, you can spend hours looking through the 157 pages of inspiration they’ve already posted. So that was cool, but then, to my suprise, they have a sweet tutorials section with things you want to know how to do in photoshop. I plan on trying to learn as much as possible so i can apply it to work and hopefully learn a crap load because my photoshop knowledge isn’t well established.

Also, this is really tasty. It makes me wish i had soco to mix it with… and friends to keep me from drinking alone… just joking, this way no one will remind me the next day if pants make a vanishing act (has yet to happen).

Sometimes i wish coding was more like this…


…and for a bonus, the pickup line i got from my cousin…

“you know they call me hadouken because i’m down right fierce”

So to kick off my projects, i dedicied to work on the idea kris and i came up with. It started when i suggested i wanted a dinosaur in my logo, (why? because as you will soon find out i love dinosaurs). So the idea of the dinosaur in the logo quickly became a robot riding a dinosaur, then making it a pirate dinosaur by adding an eye patch, and then a katana to add some samurai goodness, and why not a laser gun and viking helmet (inaccurately with horns) to top it off. So this is what the 5 min sketch looks like with 10 mins of photoshop coloring.


So while i was making this, i asked myself several questions about what i was doing. Specifically when it go to the end and i asked myself is it terrible that i want to put a dropshadow in this to soften the edges? I decided yes, but when in search of the ethics of dropshadows on the internet and i found this. And then i decided wow, maybe drop shadows are ok, it just has to be done subtly, and then i thought what would benji say, and he’d probably say no, but it’s in there anyway. Then i was going to add a sweet coffee mug stain and some tears to the image, and i decided i’m tired, if someone reads this and wants me to make it better let i will, but as for a sketch, i think it’s pretty sweet.

So, the word on the street is this blog is pretty boring, and i have to agree and so instead of taking the next month to come up with a layout and logo and everything before posting to the site i’m going to just start it up and not share it with anyone until that month but build up some sweet ideas for what i need to do once it is set up.

But the first thing i plan on doing design wise is coming up with a logo. I figure i really need to capture my essence in it. At, work my buddy Kris (aka giagantore, you’ll have to check with him on the spelling) were rolling with an idea that started with my love for dinosaurs. I’ll post sketches once i made them but suspect the idea was a little too ambitious for a logo and might go another direction, but i want to give it a good effort because it’s a sick idea. Stay tuned… (i guess i’m just talking to myself at this point in time, oh well)

Also, i might need to consider getting a scanner if they are cheap, which they seem to be. (i really enjoy that there is one product image and the rest of the screen shots are random pictures. Go soccer team!)


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