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Apparently poking yourself in the eye over and over doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to actually put in contacts. I had my first training appointment on Saturday, and 0 contacts went into my eyes, or at least staid in my eyes. I have an amazing reflex to blink like crazy when something gets close to my eye and with all the solution i had on my hand and just general tearing up from holding my eye open my grip on my eyelashes couldn’t kept slipping. I went back today, actually managed to get it in for a split second only to have it fall right out because i didn’t realized it was in my eye and rubbed it out on accident. But i did managed to jab my eye several times only to have my eyelash deflect it away when only half was in. I got back again on Friday, let’s hope third time’s the charm.

Also on a side note, right after the appointment to get my contacts on saturday, i went and got a haircut and apparently if your barber doesn’t understand english you should be extremely specific on what you mean by hair over the ears because i thought it was clear i wanted it to hang over my ears and she thought it was cut over my ears. Needless to say it is now possibly the shortest it’s ever been.

As a good friend at work explained by a simple drawing, this is what i look like with and without glasses. As you can see my hair gets longer, i grow chest hair and everything sparkles.


Why contacts.

  1. Make a sick halloween costume
  2. Sketch and draw more
  3. Post more
  4. Learn a language
  5. Get contacts
  6. Practice the real guitar
  7. Become a better designer
  8. Make time to hang out with old non-work friends
  9. Get contacts
  10. Get a doctor
  11. Decorate the apartment
  12. Continue working on Pollo hombre

Current Projects

One of the goals i’ve recently set this year is to draw more and get back into traditional arts and work my way up to painting on canvas. This mostly came about because i was too damn cheap to buy decorations for my apartment but wanted to put stuff on the wall and figured hey, i’ll just make something myself. This may be a terrible idea though but i’ll give it a shot. I figure i’ll start small and bought a sketch book, when i fill it up i’ll move onto the next media. Here’s my favorite sketch so far.


Back to basics

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