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So a couple weeks back, kind of on a spur of the moment, but mostly been trying to get one for a while, i stopped by guitar center and picked up this sweet black les paul and of course had to get an amp, stand, and cable too. I’ve been playing it 4 times a week at least since, it’s pretty fun just to mess around, i’m getting better at chords but still need to tackle learning an entire song, usually i’ll learn part, my ADD kicks in and i move on to trying ot learn another song.  Maybe i’ll just combine them all into one epic easy to play song, oh and yeah, that’s my epic painting in the background.

Epic Guitar Photo

So my original goal was to make a sick Halloween costume, and yeah i didn’t make one, BUT a friend was up to the challenge and made me a costume of my favorite character of all time which for probably most of you out there is Squall from final fantasy 8 [that was one long sentence, sorry English teachers].

Sadly i didn’t have my replica of squall’s gunblade with me and my parents were too afraid i was going to get killed or arrested or what not if i had it out here, even though i had no intention of bringing it to a party.

Anyway, i consider this a huge success and will be wearing it again in July when i attend ComicCon with the rest of the DYG(Dashing Young Gentlemen).

Comparision squall costume

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