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This is a Pagoda in Kyoto that we visited as apart of the Samurai Tours … tour.  Around this area there were tons of little shops and people walking around dressed up in their summer yukatas. This was on an incredibly hot day but the sky was always so beautiful.

Pagoda in Kyoto

This is a photo taken in the Gion District of Kyoto. It was close to the end of my trip on last day our group would be all together with both the “Tokyo and Kyoto” crew and “Kyoto and Beyond” crew. We were walking to the restaurant where we would be entertained by a Gieko and have the ability to ask her questions about her life as one.

In this photo, you can see the members of my group walking into the sunset and as you can guess i was always slightly behind the group from all the photos I was taking. There’s a second photo with a similar composition after the jump, just without the group.

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Gion District in Kyoto

On my travels through the internet I’ve found a couple photos of these locations in Japan where everything was either purple or white or other unnatural yet beautiful colors in the leaves. Desiring to try and find out where these places were so that i could plan another trip to visit them i discovered that i had already experienced them. They were at the moss temple in Kyoto. The greens would fill the environment and create a “natural green screen” that could allow someone to easily shift the colors. I was disappointed when i found this out but wanted to try and experiment with it myself.

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