May, 2013 Archives

One of the things that inspires me most when I’m in need of something are the Miazaki and studio Ghibli movies. There is something about their films that just makes me want to give everything away and go live on the country side. They remind me of a simpler time when I was growing up and didn’t have anything to worry about and we were free to run with our imaginations. As i find myself in the stage of life where every week seems like the last and I am working so hard to get through each week i sometimes need to remember to slow down and enjoy life. Anyway, long story cut short, if you haven’t seen any of these films check them out at his imdb page here.

Back to the point, some of the places i traveled in Japan were things that inspired Miazaki himself and things and I’ve attempted to draw in some of his characters into pictures that reminded me of his worlds.

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