Coming into 2012 i realized i was getting frustrated with how routine my life had become and not pushing myself to be as productive outside of work as i wanted. Without the structure of school it was difficult for me to maintain any productive schedule. That was of the aspects i took for granted with classes. With a class you choose to learn something you are interested in but your concern for the grade helps keep you focused. So i decided that i needed to work on my focus, will power, and overall try and better my life. I’ve decided to create set challenges for me to undertake one challenge every week of the year. These challenges are skewed to trying to focus for one week on something i want to change or improve about my life. The rules are pretty simple so far. Challenges start Sunday when i wake up and end the following Sunday when i wake up. None of this ends at midnight stuff. I don’t know what happens if i don’t complete a challenge. Maybe i’ll donate an amount to charity or something.

Going into my 4th week now i’m realizing some of the benefits and flaws of this challenge. But i’ll get into that more hopefully throughout the year. The reason i bring this up today is that i’m entering into BLOG week. My challenge to myself this week is write and post at least once a day. Along with all the challenges i’m attempting to set up a bonus challenge for the week. My bonus for this week is to be happy with the overall design of my blog. Right now it is just a theme i used. I’m hoping to make something custom. I’ve wanted to for some time and i’m not sure this i’ll be able to this week but i’ve got to try. Also the bonus is just to help me push myself farther. I’m hoping that through this week i will be able to go into more details about the three challenges i’ve completed so far and maybe get into more of the challenges i have yet to attempt.

Right now i’ve only got about 25 challenges lined up so i need to finish the list, hopefully this month. But for this post, i think the idea is here.

A over due update

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