The Challenge:

No Tv Week. That’s all i wrote on my list. I didn’t realize how vague it was would result in consciences when i put it down. Does no tv apply to not using a tv or anything tv related? Does it imply no television shows? What about projectors? Can i go to the movie theater? What about my usually friday night hanging out with friends and watching a movie? I didn’t realize it would effect my social life. All i was originally looking for was to not watch any TV shows before going to bed so that i would have more time in the evening to do other things and so that i could pull myself away from the habit of falling asleep with a program on. But being the year of challenges, and this being the first challenge, i wasn’t going to let it hold me back. I was going to do anything TV related. Oddly enough i did not count going to the movie theater as TV or even watching a movie on my computer as TV. That’s what helped me define the bonus for the week. No movies.

The Week:

Well, the first day didn’t hit me very hard. I spent most of it on a plane, got home, went out to dinner, helped fix a car and passed out. It seemed like the challenge was going to be a piece of cake. Fastforward to Monday night after work, grabbing myself dinner, sitting down at my computer to eat and finding myself without the option of something to do while eating. That’s when i realized it would be a challenge. I have to admit i loaded up one of the blogs i read daily and started checking the posts to find myself watching a embedded video. I finished eating and realized once again i was unsure if what i did counted against the challenge. Being vague once again took it’s toll. I decided that youtube, especially excerpts from late night shows, were out on the list of things i could not watch. And i managed to keep it up for the rest of the week despise what appeared to be a rather humors clip of Gary Oldman reliving some of his lines from Call of Duty, which, who knew he did a voice in that?

I found that with the added time in the evenings i managed to get some good Rosetta Stone practice in and jammed on my guitar. It was enjoyable and i found i feel asleep faster and i think slept better without the monitor from my computer blasting light in my direction. I began to find i was ok without the mindless television that i watched. But i did regret facing the end of the week. Usually friday nights were my hangout sessions with some good work friends. Thursday night came and i texted my friend to see if he wanted to hang out. He knew the details of my Challenge and was in support of this year quest (ok i wish it was something as epic as a quest but really goal). He responded with a jive “Sure if we can figure out something to do” and it hit me that we spent our evenings, for better or worse using the entertainment industry as a crutch to relax. And for a brief moment anxiety ran through me trying to figure out what we would do. I didn’t want to be the borning person bringing everyone down. I started thinking should i put my challenges above the quality of others lives. This trivial game of challenges i set for myself seemed foolish when it could cause antisocial behavior. And after this intense second of worry i realized, come on. It can’t be that bad. We will play games or just have a conversation and just enjoy the company of others. We are friend not because of what we do together but because we like doing things together. I have to say that night we played the most epic game of magic probably in the history of people in the ages range of 25-32. There was fire and whiskey and a stone table and possible a hissing demon or just a cranky cat (jiji you know i love you).


Well i found out i don’t like watch tv as much as i use to. Or at least, i still watch a lot of it, but less then i did before. I often use it as a way to relax and find some entertainment. I totally think that’s ok. I do want to try and make sure that i don’t get caught in a cycle of just watching tv at night though. I want to make sure i am being productive and learning. And one can learn from television but i find i need to focus myself more on other things in my life. Things i want to get better at and this is the time to do it. Also, there’s a good chance i failed this week because one of the first things i did on the sunday i started my challenge, even before i picked the challenge, was watch the movie the airplane was showing on the way back to los angeles. Oh well. What’s important is i didn’t keep that from failing again later on in the week.

Challenge 1 – No Tv Week

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