So the challenge for this week was presented by my roommate. Avoid facebook for the entire week. Originally i was hesitant to accept this challenge. In the last couple months i made some very good friends in Los Angeles that i set up events with and contacted through facebook only. I did not want to cut them out of my life for a week just for a challenge but it was issued and i couldn’t back down. As i bonus i set up no checking blogs, mainly because i found myself getting distracted throughout the day (btw my two favorites are and

The Week:

I started sunday by posting one last message to facebook that i would be off of it for a week. I was afraid that someone might try and contact me and think i was avoiding them and being rude by not responding. I set my post and texted my roommate that i would be off of facebook until that time next week.

What i found throughout the week was that i really didn’t miss facebook that much, i did however really missed the opportunities to check the internet during the 5 or 10 min breaks i would have while rendering at work. At first it made the work day feel a lot longer. I caught myself mindlessly opening a browser just to start typing in gee…  or theaw… out of habit. I longed to distract my mind for a minute during the day, and taking the opportunity away i noticed how many times a day i did just check on the internet and i found it to be absurd. Don’t get me wrong, i think little breaks for a few mins to give you mind a break are a great thing, i just found in the past i was going for quantity over quality. Throughout the week i noticed that i started to gain a better concentration of the work i was doing and also being able to stay on task more. It was a huge plus and exactly what i was hoping i would benefit from, and with that aspect i feel this was a great challenge. I didn’t even think twice about facebook after a few days…

…and then thursday came around. I woke up, checked my email, and noticed one from facebook. As quickly as i could (for morning grogginess) i looked away but the damage was already done. I had seen several names and something about notifications. And the names i saw were ones i would never expect. People i hadn’t talked to in months or even years. What were they saying about me? Why did they pick this week of any to contact me. That being said, i took a shower and bam, everything was fine. Those people had waited so long to talk to me, a couple more days wouldn’t hurt and they would have seen my message on my wall. No harm no foul…things were going to end nicely…

…and then saturday night hit. Like a strung out spring it was going to strain out the rest of the night. I’m not going to go into huge details on what it was, but i found out from a friend and was under the assumption i was invited to an event the next day and the details were all online waiting for me to confirm. The night drew on and my thoughts of attending said event grew more and more and when the morning came i got like a child on christmas opened my facebook app eager to respond … and there was no invite. Needless to say, it was not the best sunday morning ever. Now my friend did invite me to the event, so i could have gone, but out of fear of intruding or showing up unexpected or just making a small space crowded i decided to decline going. I know when i invite people to something i will always accept people to invite friends, that being said i don’t always plan enough food or space for extra people. I like having more, it just can make things more uncomfortable for everyone which is ok, but i don’t want to be that person. And i don’t take not being invited personally. It’s difficult to host things for a lot of people.

Ok, side explaination aside, in the eagerness of checking to see if i got the invite, i technically passed my challenge but also started it with a lie. In the eagerness of the morning, i didn’t wait until the time i set up with my roommate to stay off facebook. The technically is i always believe the next day begins, not at midnight but at 5am or whatever time you wake up that day. It’s a belief i live by and my closest friends know this. So it wasn’t a pass that i’m happy with. And, that email about facebook, it turned out it was just tell me people posted things unrealted to me and that their posts were popular and i didn’t see them. Thank you facebook. Thank you.

Challenge Week 2 – No Facebook

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