Sweet image from the backside of Kinkaku-Ji

For everyone who doesn’t read text, This is the Kinkaku-Ji or Golden Pavilion. Check out it’s magnificence! Of course if you don’t read then you won’t see this and shame on you for skipping over! But i can’t blame you, i skim blogs at the speed of scroll these days. So i guess depending on how fast you scroll it might not be too impressive but i have the finger dexterity of a internet champion!

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It’s going to be my goal over the next few (length of time) to try and regularly update this blog. As i mentioned in my last post I’ve taken a trip to Japan back in July/August and I’m going to be processing my photos and posting them up here. This is very much an account of learning, everything from travel into a foriegn culture and language to learning to use my first SLR style digital camera and lenses and photo editing. I will usually try and put just a small bit above the break for people just to view quickly and if anyone wants to know what’s going on behind the scenes they can continue through.

Ok! Now that’s out of the way. This photo was taken at the Kinkaku-Ji or Golden Pavilion, and let me tell you it was totally worth seeing but make sure you have your sun screen, shorts, and t-shirt or else you might try swimming in that water. My whole trip in Japan was a lot hotter then I expected and worse then the heat was the humidity. I would soak a shirt (underneath my backpack at least) in less in 30 mins. It was one thing i wasn’t prepared for, and actually there were several. So let me use this as a segway into what i was prepared for.

Almost nothing! Ok that’s not true. I had been planning this trip for about a year realistically and for much longer in just my thoughts and will. I had the fortune to have a friend backpack across asia the year before and i took several tips from him and his journey. It was more helpful then most things online because it inspired me and well super easy to hear first hand experiences from someone i trusted. As i was planning this i was also intending to possibly travel with one of my old roommates who knows japanese and has been there before (even if it was when he was a bit younger). He recommended to me this tour group called Samurai Tours. Now i know what you are thinking, “I don’t know much about Japan but Samurai are awesome!!!!” Trust me, my thoughts were similar. So i did some research and i discovered that i really did like this tour group.

Now I hadn’t even decided if i wanted to go with a tour because so many people complain about tours. To be honest i didn’t want to be on other people’s schedule and with a big group of people who might have conflicting personalities. It seemed like a recipe to ruin a trip. Right now all i can say is i don’t think my trip would have been at all successful without Samurai Tours. There were a lot of other factors in there too but that group took care of me and i will get into that later.

Back on subject! PREPARATION FOR JAPAN! So i choose the group and which tour i wanted to go on and it was a one week tour of Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara. I wanted to be in japan for at least two weeks and i wanted some time to explore on my own. Luckily for me i made a handful of japanese friends who were studying english in Los Angeles. And from friends i found out about the JR Rail Pass in Japan that allows foriegner to travel the JR rails unlimited for a set time (mine was one week). This allowed me to plan my second week to be a trip to Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Tokyo to visit my friends.

I also purchased over the course of the year leading up a Canon T2i Rebel (no lense) and then a 50 mm and a zoom lense for it and a go pro. I gearing up for some serious video shooting. So hopefully at some point i’ll be able to edit something together to put online too. I really wanted to come back with more experience on photography and video recording and eventually editing.

So these are kind of the steps i took to prepare. I also booked some hostels which caused for some good adventures to come and did some research online but i think really, what did me the most good were the advice i took from my friends and other people i talked to. There is so much knowledge in the people around us. If you just listen and have conversations you can learn so much.

Well that a ton of words! I feel like i should edit it, but maybe that’s going to be part of the learning process through this blog too.

Kinkaku-Ji Back

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