Woo, 3 posts in less then 7 days! This might actually happen. This is an image of a staircase, which if i remember correctly was blocked off at Kinkaku-Ji. I was trying to match some color corrections an artists used for his illustrations, once i find some of his images online and his name i’ll be sure to add the link here. I guess it kind of just looks like glorified instagram right now, but i kind of like it. Click the image for a high res or hit the jump for an alt with some graphics overlaid and some more japan stories.

As promised the version with the word hashi in Japanese. I don’t know how to say staircase in Japanese but i did know how to say bridge, and for some reason that was close enough in my head. But i’m sure if any Japanese people see it, i will get an earful. But what are the chances someone will click through to here haha.

Ok, now if you are still with me let’s talk about my cameras.

First the lenses for my t2i. I went with a canon L series 24-105mm f4 lens and a 50mm f1.4 lens. I barely ever shot with a SLR and when i bought the lenses it was completely on the information i gathered from others. Well 2 straight weeks of shooting will give anyone some knowledge on the differences.

Now i have to admit i almost exclusively used the 24-105. And for anyone out there who use to be like me, basically that’s a really nice all around lens to put on your camera. Why you might ask? It’s because changing lenses is freaking annoying when you are on the move and trying to keep up with people and the ability to zoom in and out makes it so versatile that you don’t really need to switch to the 50 unless you run into certain circumstances. That circumstance for me was dark settings. The zoom lense didn’t handle so well in dimly lit areas. The 50 was able to handle it a little better, but man i really just wish i had a tripod at times while i was out there…but that actually leads me to my next point of another downside to the 24-105.

It’s HEAVY. Now i don’t mean you are going to get sore arms from it, but you will get a sore neck! It was such a weight tied around my shoulders and neck at all times where i found myself often trying to hold it in new ways just to keep the weight shifting. Granted it wasn’t bad for the first couple days, it’s just two weeks and it gets really old. So if just that camera was a bit of a weight, imagine dragging a tripod too. So i’m not quite sure what a successful way of shooting dim or night shots might be but i’m still figuring out all the settings on my camera so maybe there’s a mode i didn’t see or maybe i shouldn’t have the stabilization tab on.

One more thing i wish i paid closer attention to on the trip was the autofocus. I was shooting a lot and it was pretty hard to tell through the viewscreen with my glasses pressed up to the rubber what was in focus and what wasn’t and double checking every image after taking it took much too long. I’ve noticed that when you see them small on the viewscreen after what might appear sharp there is actually fairly blurry when you get to a computer. I really need to work on getting my focus down.

The last thing which i found really interesting and i still have to fix it is when i take a photo i press the button down with too much force and it rotates the camera when i take the shot so most of my photos are all at slight angles. Not sure why i was doing this.

Those were kind of my experiences with the lenses for now. I’m hoping to keep shooting and maybe talk some shop with my friends to figure out how to improve my faulty areas.

Kinkaku-Ji Staircase / n00b lens talk

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