So the images that will be going up on this blog are a little out of order in terms of the actual trip. This shot is from our second day waiting for the train back to Kyoto Station. The sun was setting crowds were waiting. There was something very comforting about riding the train at this time and seeing everyone around. But perhaps it was because I had just enjoyed an amazing day in Osaka.

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The wonderful lady in red was a member of my tour group (Who i will name Red for this article being that i don’t know how she would feel with her name on the internet). She was traveling with her 21 year old son and they were incredibly nice, as was everyone in my group. I was very fortunate to have such a wonderful group with different backgrounds.

On my travels back from Nara i ran into Red walking alone the streets after a free day with the members of the group that also toured Tokyo.(I’ll do a general post about the group coming up to explain things better.) I remember thinking how bizarre it was that i would run into someone i knew while in Kyoto but looking back it was a few blocks from our ryokan. We had dinner together and we shared stories and had an amazing time. It was very fun and when I was foolish and forgot to bring floss and sunscreen on my trip to Japan, she let me have hers. She was very generous, but the greatest gift she gave me was just that she was in my group which showed me there is no age where you cannot adventure. I hope that when i get to that point in my life i will have the courage to go out and explore the world still. I owe Red thanks for the help, fun times, and wisdom and wish her safe travels.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find good images of all the group members on here because everyone was incredibly helpful and taught me so much.

Train Back / Red

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