Well this is a first. I have 4 images to upload and i’m just waiting on type to post. I am ahead of my game! So hopefully you all will get a great week of content. This here is a photo of a lotus flower. If my memory servers me correctly they only are bloomed for about a week and then die. Apparently we missed most of them but there were 2 in bloom where we visited. This one was outside Ryoan-ji.

Read on for my adventures on arriving in Japan, stepping off a plane where you don’t speak the language for the first time is pretty exciting.

So I’ll skip over the most plane ride because, well other then being a long trip with about 20-60 mins of sleep, was uneventful. All you need to know is i was a bit out of it when i arrived…or at least i should have been from the sleep alone. While on board the flight we were given immigration forms to fill out, luckily i had given all my information to samurai tours when i signed up and they mailed me the paper already filled out and ready to be delivered. That being said something strange happened with the flight and while i was suppose to be flying with Nippon Airways i was actually on some US plane (i can’t remember which company) so when i got in line for immigration and reviewed my sheet and saw it said air nippon, well let’s just say my heart started to pace. I started to get worried that they might turn me around or accuse me of trying to sneak into the country and my eyes darted to the other passengers that got off the flight to see if there were other panic faces in the crowd. No luck! I also walked my normal airport traveling pace to the immigration line (if you see one of those people who appear really stressed and somehow pull off walking 10 miles an hour in the airport that would be me). So not a lot of time i started to check my pockets and i found the blank form they gave me on the plane and i started calculating if i could re-fill out the paper quickly enough at one of the podiums while keeping my place in line because air port jonaton is in go mode. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, i didn’t have the time to pull that off and in my moment of despairĀ  i saw a airport guide checking the forms before letting you get to the immigration officer! Hallelujah! If he let me pass i’d know i’d be ok, if he didn’t i could make the copy and just continue. Or so i thought, but our interaction was more of “[Something in Japanese]“, *Show form*, *point to continue* … Drat, that wasn’t as comfirming as i wanted, oh well better wait for the guy in front of me to go through and just deal with the immigration officer. I sure hoped he could communicate more then the last man.

As I tapped my foot unconsciously in impatience my fears of being turned away grew. I was trying to figure out if i could hide the form someway in my passport so that when he opened it he might overlook that it had the wrong flight info. It was my only chance. I stuffed in it the middle as the man in front of me continued out of the airport. I stepped forward and placed the form in the waiting hand of the man in uniform. *Gulp* This was it. The flash light moved across my passport looking for signs of fraud but it was no good. I knew where it was. As the officer moved onto the form i started to watch his eyes waiting … They paused i looked down to see a finger hovering over the plane… I’ve been caught! My fears were starting to come true, he lifted his head to look at me and i heard, “Did you arrive on this plane?”…”Ohhh, yes, i did, i had those papers filled out before hand, is it wrong?” … “Oh it’s no problem, i’ll just mark it here, you are good to go” My heart jumped! Haha, i fooled the fuzz! Ok well not fooled, but you know, i was clear. JAPAN!!!!!!!

I briskly walked through the rest of the airport giving the most cheerful “Konnichiwa” to anyone i saw. I had made it. I picked up my bags from the conveyor belt, Konnichiwa helper ladies! A Japanese worker was moving a cart with a dog. Konnichiwa helper dude and dog. I saw other people walking around Konichiwa Japan! Grabbed my bad and went through security “Kon….uhhh… Yes officer, you can look through that.” *Nothing to see here.* “Thank you sir, enjoy Japan” “ARIGATOU!!!!!!!!!”

Lotus Flower / Immigration

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