Hey! Look at me go, i have more posts. Today’s image is brought to you by the market street in Kyoto. Of course there is probably more than one so if you are looking for this area I apologize and cannot be much more help then this. This market is actually the same location as an earlier photo I posted of a shrine in a market place. There were 3 or 4 smaller shrines around one large shrine and also some robotic machines to buy fortunes. The machines had a wooden robot located inside of the glass container and the robot would animate to bring you a fortune. I was pretty impressed.

OK, after the jump I’ll continue the story and try to keep it pretty short today.

Hey! You made it! I noticed some of my last posts were getting a little dry while also staying long and that’s double what i don’t want. In my mind I’ve been trying to keep these shorter and interesting and hopefully I can turn them around to be entertaining and shorter for both you and myself.

So I left off at the departure from KinKaKu-Ji walking to lunch. We ate at this small udon (thick noodle) shop and for the life of me I wish I could remember the name of this place because the food was delicious. So far that day had been incredibly hot and humid. It got me in the mood for something cold to cool me down and liquidity to replenish myself, and what did you know, a lot of Japanese locals felt the same. For those out in the world who don’t know what this dish is, udon is this clear broth with these giant noodles in it. I’m not sure if the name includes both the noodles and the soup or just the noodles alone but I am sure that I want more.

We had the choice of cold or hot noodle soups and all of our group were craving the cold noodle to battle the outdoor heat. Our guide Tammy chose to have the udon hot because soup is suppose to be hot. I appreciate this most of the time, but having not adjusted to the heat with humidity I was really looking for something to cool myself off. With our lunch we were served some tempura (fried vegetables and shrimp) and for dessert we ate this amazing and sweet tofu dish made with maple syrup. It tasted very similar to flan and is the reason i wish to return here. Sometimes it is hard for me to eat soft tofu, but the trick I’ve learned from this little udon shop is to put some maple syrup on top of it to make it great.
After lunch we ventured out to the bus stop and prepared for ourselves to travel to the next location.

Market Place Shrine / Day 1 Lunch

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