So i’ve been conisdering dying my hair for a couple months now and a couple weeks ago i gave it an attempt. There are several lessons i learned from this “attempt”; from don’t buy RAW color hair dye because it won’t last to make sure everything is cleared off the sink cause somehow dye will go everywhere. Ok, so those plus don’t take a shower to wash the dye out because it will dye all the skin that it touches on it’s way to the drain were pretty much all the lessons i learned.

So after just a couple weeks my hair is back to it’s normal color, and i guess i shouldn’t have tried dying dark brown hair black just on it’s own so that’s why i’m giving it another shot, but this time something that will hopefully look unnatural and well different while i’m still young.

My plan originally was to attempt black hair with red streaks/ highlights but i’m not really sure how that will look and i’ve trying to do some research into things people have done already. Apparently google just likes to show off photos of emo kids (and yes i realize i might look like one) with all similar colors. I’m looking for more unique hair dying techniques.

Hit the jump to see some images i found with at least something i like in each of them.


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