Today I read an article on on how to create a logo for whatever reason, the one in the article being a series of how to books all starting with the phrase¬† “how to be a rockstar…” and then whatever the subject was. The article brought you through the whole creative process around creating a logo, everything from broad ideas like what do you want to portray with your logo to say about yourself to specifics whether it would be better to go with a logo that is just text or one with a symbol and how to even choose a name.

The original intent of looking at this site was to help inspire and guide me in making a logo for “iamsonoflars” or even just “son of lars” but the more i thought i realize this might also answer questions i’ve been having on how to define my life… and this just brings up all sorts of memorys of existentialism. To try and be brief i’ve always owned cheap clothes and often worn many free t-shirts because i didn’t want to care about how people judge me and let them define who i am by trying to dress in society’s standards, but now i’m realizing maybe i can still not be defined by society how i’m currently portraying myself isn’t the way i want to define myself. I want to stay true to me but somehow i also want to change and to figure out those changes i almost need to figure out my identity and create a sort of self branding for my everyday life.

This seems to be difficult because my first reaction is to say what do i like, what do other people who like what i like wear, that’s what i should wear. But that’s just conforming to other people and letting myself be defined by them, and i could go into a rant about “who gives them the right!!!” but really i don’t care, that’s just the way it is. Now thinking back on the article, maybe i need to figure out what type of person and a lot of the questions that came up in the logo article could apply to real life and i hope to figure this out.

I feel like i’m stumbling in the dark on some philosophical idea and torn weather to follow it or just say i’m going in circles or that someone else has though of this already, which i’m sure nothing i can think of will be original.


In conclusion i’m going through an interesting time, i’ve been out of school and living on my own for a year, change has started and is effecting my whole life and i want to make sure that i guide it well.

This was not suppose to be serious at all when i started.

Logo Design to Existentialism (that’s right, i spelled it correctly on the first try)

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