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30 Seconds to Mars new album This is War (i think you are suppose to italicize titles) has around 2000 different covers. They had fans submit photos online and picked the best for their covers and then randomly released them across the world so it’s pretty much impossible to find a specific one. Searching for the best cover at best by I narrowed down the 6 or 7 covers down to two that i found worked the best. One was a cute girl and the other a guy that i felt fit the composition and seemed designed the best. I then realized that one of the two was a dollar more, it made my decision easier of which i wanted to get, but it did intrigue me which was the real price, the lower or higher. I flipped to the next cd and it was the lower price and i didn’t think much of it until i made a joke to my friend that the men are cheaper then the woman. Thinking i was being serious he checked out the other albums and actually discovered that in fact all the women albums were 1 dollar more expensive. Nice going best buy.

Hit the jump if you want to see a better photo of the album cover i bought.

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