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So my original goal was to make a sick Halloween costume, and yeah i didn’t make one, BUT a friend was up to the challenge and made me a costume of my favorite character of all time which for probably most of you out there is Squall from final fantasy 8 [that was one long sentence, sorry English teachers].

Sadly i didn’t have my replica of squall’s gunblade with me and my parents were too afraid i was going to get killed or arrested or what not if i had it out here, even though i had no intention of bringing it to a party.

Anyway, i consider this a huge success and will be wearing it again in July when i attend ComicCon with the rest of the DYG(Dashing Young Gentlemen).

Comparision squall costume

So to kick off my projects, i dedicied to work on the idea kris and i came up with. It started when i suggested i wanted a dinosaur in my logo, (why? because as you will soon find out i love dinosaurs). So the idea of the dinosaur in the logo quickly became a robot riding a dinosaur, then making it a pirate dinosaur by adding an eye patch, and then a katana to add some samurai goodness, and why not a laser gun and viking helmet (inaccurately with horns) to top it off. So this is what the 5 min sketch looks like with 10 mins of photoshop coloring.


So while i was making this, i asked myself several questions about what i was doing. Specifically when it go to the end and i asked myself is it terrible that i want to put a dropshadow in this to soften the edges? I decided yes, but when in search of the ethics of dropshadows on the internet and i found this. And then i decided wow, maybe drop shadows are ok, it just has to be done subtly, and then i thought what would benji say, and he’d probably say no, but it’s in there anyway. Then i was going to add a sweet coffee mug stain and some tears to the image, and i decided i’m tired, if someone reads this and wants me to make it better let i will, but as for a sketch, i think it’s pretty sweet.

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