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Throughout my time in Los Angeles and outside of school in general I’ve noticed that there were somethings i wish i took more advantage of. What seems like only a year ago but was probably much longer i decided to try and learn a language. Even though i have a special place in my heart for Pollo Hombre, i always felt like spanish was pushed on me more then me wanting to learn it. I narrowed down the languages i wanted to learn to 3 and choose to attempt Japanese for several reasons but most importantly i knew one day i would want to visit it and also i had a friend who i could practice with.  Fastforward to year of the challenges. This week’s challenge was to do something in a foriegn language for an hour every day. That could be watching a movie in another language, listening to music in another language or what have you. The bonus challenge was to make that hour, or at least that hour learning a language.

The week:

I’m not sure if it’s surprising but there wasn’t much eventful this week. But some interesting developments did occur. I had a friend join me with my challenge. I’ve also had other friends wish to take up more challenges with me for certain weeks. I wasn’t originally planning on a group exercise but it makes it a little more enjoyable.

I managed to also finish the first level of Janapese which lead me to signing up for the next level. The new level is a new system and online which allows for interactions with other students around the world. There was one difficult aspect to this challenge. I had a good friend stay with me the weekend and we endedup staying up late on saturday. When i rolled around to loading up rosetta stone it was about 1am and i was exhausted. I managed to run activities in the program for an hour but i couldn’t help but feel that i wasn’t learning anything and that was greatly due to the fact that i was just trying to get through the hour. I realized this, acknowledge this, and pushed through. Probably not the best thing but i did get above 90% of the lesson correct and the next day i did redo some of the activities to make sure i knew it. It was good to push through and i think it would be good for me to make do rosetta stone each night for maybe 30 mins or so instead of 40. I also need to do more learning outside of it. Some strict memorizing to help me remember words and grammar patters. But all and all a good challenge to get me being productive and hopefull i will be able to keep it up.

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