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So here is the front and back of the same building with completely different color correction applied. It shows the types of editing I’ve been applying to the photos. I know “editing” is a pretty vague term so hopefully this gives some context. Currently, I’m attempting to mimic other photographs colors i see on inspiration images i find to hopefully figure out what i like and don’t like in order to develop a style. It is very much a experimental process.

As for the location, this was a really cool and renown area in Japan. Any time you see an image of thousands of toori gates lined up in japan it is mostly likely at the Fushimi Inari Shrine (and yes, i took several that i’ll be posting later). However for these photos, just think of them as a giant awesome building in Japan. The colors were really brilliant, vibrant and all around amazing. Ken, our Samurai Tours guide, scheduled us to visit here at the perfect hour. The sun was setting which created some of the most amazing shadows and lighting. However be warned if you visit around this time because there were a tons of mosquitoes feasting. In hindsight, it would have been wise to wear pants here.

Hit the Jump to see the non-color shifted version of the second image.

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