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So the last 3 days i’ve been trying to post things at night and for whatever reason my blog has been down so you’re entitled to a super post

Ok, first on the agenda, talk about ineternet, check! Next,  talk about one of my many side projects i’ve got going on. So I came up with the idea that it would be sweet to paint a skateboard and mount it on my wall as a form of art, then i realized maybe i should get better at painting first until i found this. So i downloaded the jpg and started sketching on top of it. Two of my friends from work are big into skateboarding and if i get this thing finished i’m going to get two printed and add wheels to one and hopefully learn a little about skating and a lot about falling down.


Nice, the screenshot preserved the drop shadow ( i searched google images for “worst drop shadow ever” and the second image was showing off different images with a pictures from behind a naked baby WTF? is that suppose to helps me understand drop shadows better?). Anyway, back on subject, the currently chinese text says horned devil from the river of death, which is the meaning of Stygimoloch, which is the dinosaur.

BTW, while searching for Stygimoloch, i found some sweet robot dinosaurs found at this guy’s blog. Yes, that is a triceratops with gatling guns on it.

That about wraps up things i was trying to do for the past, i’m going to make a new post for what i did last night but consider it apart of the super post because this isn’t that super.

There is something about this that i just don’t like .

So to kick off my projects, i dedicied to work on the idea kris and i came up with. It started when i suggested i wanted a dinosaur in my logo, (why? because as you will soon find out i love dinosaurs). So the idea of the dinosaur in the logo quickly became a robot riding a dinosaur, then making it a pirate dinosaur by adding an eye patch, and then a katana to add some samurai goodness, and why not a laser gun and viking helmet (inaccurately with horns) to top it off. So this is what the 5 min sketch looks like with 10 mins of photoshop coloring.


So while i was making this, i asked myself several questions about what i was doing. Specifically when it go to the end and i asked myself is it terrible that i want to put a dropshadow in this to soften the edges? I decided yes, but when in search of the ethics of dropshadows on the internet and i found this. And then i decided wow, maybe drop shadows are ok, it just has to be done subtly, and then i thought what would benji say, and he’d probably say no, but it’s in there anyway. Then i was going to add a sweet coffee mug stain and some tears to the image, and i decided i’m tired, if someone reads this and wants me to make it better let i will, but as for a sketch, i think it’s pretty sweet.

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