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Apparently poking yourself in the eye over and over doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to actually put in contacts. I had my first training appointment on Saturday, and 0 contacts went into my eyes, or at least staid in my eyes. I have an amazing reflex to blink like crazy when something gets close to my eye and with all the solution i had on my hand and just general tearing up from holding my eye open my grip on my eyelashes couldn’t kept slipping. I went back today, actually managed to get it in for a split second only to have it fall right out because i didn’t realized it was in my eye and rubbed it out on accident. But i did managed to jab my eye several times only to have my eyelash deflect it away when only half was in. I got back again on Friday, let’s hope third time’s the charm.

Also on a side note, right after the appointment to get my contacts on saturday, i went and got a haircut and apparently if your barber doesn’t understand english you should be extremely specific on what you mean by hair over the ears because i thought it was clear i wanted it to hang over my ears and she thought it was cut over my ears. Needless to say it is now possibly the shortest it’s ever been.

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