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This is an image i took on my tour modified with a drawing i did of the forrest spirit from Princess Mononoke. The location is kinkaku-ji in kyoto.

This is a Pagoda in Kyoto that we visited as apart of the Samurai Tours … tour.  Around this area there were tons of little shops and people walking around dressed up in their summer yukatas. This was on an incredibly hot day but the sky was always so beautiful.

Pagoda in Kyoto

On my travels through the internet I’ve found a couple photos of these locations in Japan where everything was either purple or white or other unnatural yet beautiful colors in the leaves. Desiring to try and find out where these places were so that i could plan another trip to visit them i discovered that i had already experienced them. They were at the moss temple in Kyoto. The greens would fill the environment and create a “natural green screen” that could allow someone to easily shift the colors. I was disappointed when i found this out but wanted to try and experiment with it myself.

So here is the front and back of the same building with completely different color correction applied. It shows the types of editing I’ve been applying to the photos. I know “editing” is a pretty vague term so hopefully this gives some context. Currently, I’m attempting to mimic other photographs colors i see on inspiration images i find to hopefully figure out what i like and don’t like in order to develop a style. It is very much a experimental process.

As for the location, this was a really cool and renown area in Japan. Any time you see an image of thousands of toori gates lined up in japan it is mostly likely at the Fushimi Inari Shrine (and yes, i took several that i’ll be posting later). However for these photos, just think of them as a giant awesome building in Japan. The colors were really brilliant, vibrant and all around amazing. Ken, our Samurai Tours guide, scheduled us to visit here at the perfect hour. The sun was setting which created some of the most amazing shadows and lighting. However be warned if you visit around this time because there were a tons of mosquitoes feasting. In hindsight, it would have been wise to wear pants here.

Hit the Jump to see the non-color shifted version of the second image.

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Hey! Look at me go, i have more posts. Today’s image is brought to you by the market street in Kyoto. Of course there is probably more than one so if you are looking for this area I apologize and cannot be much more help then this. This market is actually the same location as an earlier photo I posted of a shrine in a market place. There were 3 or 4 smaller shrines around one large shrine and also some robotic machines to buy fortunes. The machines had a wooden robot located inside of the glass container and the robot would animate to bring you a fortune. I was pretty impressed.

OK, after the jump I’ll continue the story and try to keep it pretty short today.

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These are two color variations of the Tree outside of Kinkaku-Ji. I kind of got to a point while editing them where i wasn’t really entirely happy with either and couldn’t figure out what to do to make them better. I’ll probably go back later in time to take a look but right now i’m just trying to get as much experience from different photos to find my style.

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This is a photo of the stone garden of Ryoan-Ji (or at least that’s what the internet tells me. I can’t remember if you need to include the Ji or not. It’s been a while since my trip, guess I’ll have to go back :) ). Hopefully i’ll get to describe more about this after the jump so if you’d like to hear more let’s get to it!

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This is a picture of a mini shrine mixed with several other smaller shrines around one larger shrine in the middle of a shopping district of Kyoto. It was really cool and i’ll  give more information about that market in a later post. What i will share now is just that these little shrines, and that might not be the most accurate word to describe them, were everywhere, and usually not many employees or guards around them. People just came and made offerings and prayed at them whenever they wanted.  After the Jump I’ll continue my story of my first night in Japan, out on my own.

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Hey! It’s Tammy! One of my guides and i believe was responsible for most of the planning on my trip. I could have that wrong but either way she did an excellent job. This is her showing us how to people traditionally cleanse themselves before entering the shrines/temples. You take that wooden tool and scoop some water into it and wash your left hand, then again with your right hand, and then once more and clean your mouth (as is pictured) and then on final time and drip the water down the handle to wash itself off.

After the jump I’ll continue the story from when i arrived at the ryokan sakura house. That’s right i put a link in! Check it out and I highly recommend them. Hit the Jump for the review.

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This is a photo is taken just before the staircase leading up to Ryoan-Ji. This is Tammy, our guide on our first day of the tour and at the first stop on our tour. Many people asked me what my favorite part of the trip was and i really can’t answer because everything was so amazing. I’ll be posting another image of Tammy soon so i will take this opportunity to just post a photo i like and continue on to my story from the airport to how i spent my first night in japan after the jump.

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