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This is a slightly panoramic image (if panoramas can have degrees) of one of the rivers of Osaka. There were bridges everywhere, and it was amazing to see the city built around them. Ken, our Samurai Tours guide, showed us this spot to take photos. It was one of his many secret spots to take photos and to see the city. One of my favorite parts was that those stairs just go straight down to the river. Osaka was originally a merchant city that used boats for transport and at locations like this you could really sense that.

So I’ve started to get ahead of myself with editing my photos where I’m going to do some shorter posts of images alone in between my adventure posts. This will hopefully let me align corresponding photos to stories I’m telling about my trip rather than a random image with a stage of my story. It will just require me to do some advanced planning on which photos I post. Along with this site, you can always check my tumblr (http://iamsonoflars.tumblr.com) for the most up-to-date photos and general inspiration I find online. There is also a link to just my Japan trip photos on the top of that website (click on “Solo Japan Photos”).

The above photo was taken in Osaka while walking to lunch with Samurai Tours group and shows the fencing they put up at the side of the road for construction. As you can see there are tons of frogs! Frogs are a sign of the rainy season in Japan, which takes place around June and July. We were just out of the rainy season so it was still up, but will be gone in wintertime. It’s pretty fun that they have seasonal themed equipment. In America we could have Frosty the snowman signs in winter.

Summer Season Frogs

So the images that will be going up on this blog are a little out of order in terms of the actual trip. This shot is from our second day waiting for the train back to Kyoto Station. The sun was setting crowds were waiting. There was something very comforting about riding the train at this time and seeing everyone around. But perhaps it was because I had just enjoyed an amazing day in Osaka.

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Train Back / Red

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